Notes of Meeting on 26 February 2019

Meeting with Droitwich Spa Town Council 26 February 2019

Mike Lambden and Peter Hawkins met with Alex Sinton, leader of the Droitwich Spa Town Council (DSTC), and Mark Keld, clerk to the DSTC.

Notes of the meeting
After preliminary discussion to ensure objectives were aligned (working to create a strategic plan for the benefit of Droitwich Spa), and to focus upon the way, we agreed:
1. The suspension provides an opportunity to reconsider, and prepare fresh plans to drive Planning in Droitwich Spa on a collaborative basis.
2. A commitment was made to a meeting once the new council is in place following the May elections to review options for planning for Droitwich Spa going forward.
This meeting will include a range of DSTC councillors and members of the Droitwich Spa Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (DNPWG). It will be announced at the Town Meeting on 18 March.
3. A liaison group meeting will also be held in the week commencing 8 April to:
– identify lessons to be learned from the recent experiences
– identify options for future planning activity and
– agree an agenda for the planning meeting.
and in the process establish goodwill going forward
The liaison group will consist of representatives of the DSTC and DNPWG.

Peter Hawkins