History to end of 2020

In September 2016 Droitwich Town council unanimously gave the go ahead to start developing a neighbourhood plan. Councillor Richard Morris put forward the motion at a packed St Richards House, and it was supported by Councillor Tom Noyes, Councillor Bob Brookes and Labour Councillor Alan Humphries who all spoke in favour of the plan.

On 24th September 2018 Droitwich Council suspended work on the Neighbourhood Plan. The decision was taken when the public and the press were excluded from the meeting without prior consultation with community members of the Neighbourhood Plan Management Group. This was despite objections and a request from the Councillor appointed by the Council to lead the Neighbourhood Plan to defer any decision as he was away at the time.The Droitwich Spa Neighbourhood Plan Working Group came into existence later in September 2018 following that decision by Droitwich Council.

At the Council meeting on the 28th January 2019 Mike Lambden read a statement on behalf of this Working Group that can be read here.
On 26th February 2019, representatives of the Working Group met with representatives of Droitwich Council. The meeting notes can be seen here.
On 18th March 2019 The Mayor of Droitwich Spa read a statement at the Annual Town Meeting. The statement can be seen here.
On 8th April 2019 representatives of the Working Group met with representatives of Droitwich Council. The meeting notes can be seen here.
On 3rd June 2019 representatives of the Working Group met with representatives of  Droitwich Council. The meeting notes can be seen here.

A number of meetings were held with town councillors during the summer months and a new provisional Management Group has been formed. On 23rd September Councillor Alan Humphries gave a short report during a meeting of Droitwich Spa Town Council. His report can be seen here.
On 27th January 2020 Mike Lambden gave a presentation to Droitwich Spa Town Council who agreed to proceed with the next phase of work leading to the production of the Neighbourhood Plan. Articles published in the Droitwich Standard can be seen here and here.
The articles say that DSTC has made available £200. Strictly speaking that is not the case. An application has to be submitted for that amount from the Grants Fund which would need to be approved by the Grants Committee.

Unfortunately we had to cancel the public meeting scheduled for the 12th March 2020 as we could not justify the risk of spreading Covid-19 Coronavirus. The meeting had been called to obtain ideas and to encourage people to assist with preparing the content of the plan. You can view a version of the presentation we planned to use at the meeting with some minor changes to clarify some points (these would have been covered by the speaker). Please note that the schedule/Gantt chart on page 10 will inevitably change due to the impact of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. The presentation can be seen here.

There is a questionnaire enabling you have your say now, rather than wait for a future meeting. At the end of the questionnaire, we ask you to provide contact details if you are prepared to contribute to the Neighbourhood Plan. Please download the questionnaire, complete as many questions as you can, and return it by email to droitwich.neighbourhood.plan@gmail.com
Please pass the information on this page about the presentation and the questionnaire to any contacts you think might be interested.

An online meeting with supporters was held on the 16th November 2020. The presentation used as the basis of discussion can be viewed here. An additional slide has been inserted near the end summarising key points from the meeting.