Council Meeting 13 September 2021

Droitwich Spa Town Council voted in favour of the following motion:
“Due to the pivotal importance of the SWDP development plan for informed consideration and in determining the local detail and scope for neighbourhood plan options in Droitwich Spa the council recognises that the completion of the Droitwich Spa neighbourhood plan will not be fully practical before the full publication of the current revisions programme. This has been delayed until 2022.
However, the council also recognises the importance of moving forward with the NHP. It is therefore suggested that the training that can be provided by the national expert recommended by CALC should be provided for all councillors and other stakeholders, including the NHP group at the earliest opportunity.  Following this training the council should liaise with the NHP group to examine work that has been done and areas that could still be addressed and consider any cost implications/requirements to deliver a beneficial plan for Droitwich Spa”.

To clarify: SWDP = South Worcestershire Development Plan. NHP = Neighbourhood Plan

The Council defeated the following motion:
“That this Town Council Addresses and corrects incorrect statements that have been made, both written and verbal, as identified in the attached document concerning the Droitwich Spa Neighbourhood Plan and the Droitwich Spa Neighbourhood Plan Management Group. To this effect, the Droitwich Spa Neighbourhood Plan Management Group will deliver a short presentation to the Town Council which will explain their reaction to recent events which excluded them from defending their position and will allow them to correct erroneous statements made about them.”